6/20/11 - Reminder: final essays are due tomorrow (one on your own video and one on someone else's). If you are using class time to type or complete these essays, be sure to bring everything you will need to write them. You should come in knowing exactly what you are writing. You won't have enough time to plan and complete both in the hour. Here are clear instructions and a possible template you might want to use:

Hi all, final videos are due today. To submit them, open your Animoto account, scroll your mouse over your video, and a green drop down menu will appear that says "Actions." Click on it, and then click on "Share." Click on "Email the Link" and then type my email address: elooser@lawrence.k12.ma.us. Here's a word doc with print screen images of each step:

I can't wait to see all your amazing videos!!!!!!

6/9/11 Final Project Updates!!!!

Here is the assignment and rubric for your final:

To see the video we watched on ethos, pathos, and logos go to the ReadWriteThink website and click on the video "The Art of Rhetoric." Here is the handout with definitinos of ethos, pathos, and logos:

Here is the hand out on "other" persuasive techniques and the powerpoint of examples we went through in class:

And this is the film organizer I'd like each of you to complete before you start: .

All of the films we watched and analyzed in class on Monday are uploaded onto the Videos, Images, Links, and Other Awesome Things page on this wiki. Here is the organizer we used to analyze them:

Now: All things Animoto

Here are the instructions to get on the site:

Remember, you do not have to use Animoto. It was just a suggestion. Feel free to use other programs to create a video or create your own by just filming it.

Here are some instructions on how to turn a PowerPoint slide into a JPEG (might be useful if you are using Animoto, Moviemaker, or iMovie):



5/26/11 -- Just a reminder, that you need to continue working on your research projects on your own! You can do work at home, during advisory, or you can meet with me before and after school. The more work you do, the better your final project will be! -Ms. Looser

5/21/11 -- Check out the "Sample Issue Research Page" for instructions on how to publish the research you compile on your topic. This document shows how this part of your project will be graded:



5/18/11 -- Here's what we'll be doing today in class: http://emilylooser.edublogs.org/


5/17/11 -- In class today we will be exploring where we get information about things going on in the world. Here's what the period will look like:

1. We will journal about sources and how know they are true. Then,we will share our entries to compile a list of places from which we get information.

2. We will reading this article: http://www.csmonitor.com/Innovation/Horizons/2011/0503/How-Osama-bin-Laden-s-death-sparked-a-fake-Martin-Luther-King-quote and discuss how social networking changes how information is passed from one person to another.

3. We'll watch this satirical video about Wikipedia shown on the Colbert Report.

4. Finally, we will read this NY Times article on wikipedia: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/06/17/technology/17wiki.html and then reflect upon and answer these questions:

If you were out Wednesday (half day), talk to someone about what we did so you can make it up quickly and keep up to speed. Today, you'll start a testimonial/monologue/confessional assignment that will be due Monday. It's posted on the Assignments page and due Monday.


Issues about which we disagree (created by YOU on 5/9/11)


Factors that influence our perspective (thank you to our scribe, Hannah!):


5/9/11 - I loved how you all pushed and pulled words apart to get a definition of "perspective" last week and I'm excited to discuss other big ideas with you this week! Stay tuned for upcoming assignments :)


5/2/11 - A number of you came to me last week concerned that your failure to complete the Epigraph 13 essay that was due April 26th would have a seriouslyimpact on your grade for term 4. In response, I am offering a "make up" essay you may complete if you choose to do so. The essay will be due Friday, May 6th (no exceptions) and it must meet all guidelines set forth on the following assignment page. See me with any questions you may have or if you need to borrow a copy of Bees to complete the assignment. In the future, please complete all work on time so we can continue to move forward together as a class.

4/15/11 -- Some important info for today and over break:

**Over break, you will read chapter 13 and answer the reading questions. You will also write a short essay on how the epigraph at the beginning of the chapter is a metaphor for characters, themes, or plot events that occur in chapter 13. This will be scored as an open response grade using our usual OR rubric.

**Have a wonderful vacation!!!!

**If you were out Thursday, the journal prompt that needs to be made up is in response to the following passage from chapter 12:

Knowing can be a curse on a person’s life. I’d traded in a pack of lies for a pack of truth, and I didn’t know which one was heavier. Which one took the most strength to carry around? It was a ridiculous question, though, because once you know the truth, you can’t ever go back and pick up your suitcase of lies. Heavier or not, the truth is yours now.
In the honey house, August waited till I crawled under the sheets, then bent over and kissed my forehead.
“Every person on the face of the earth makes mistakes, Lily. Every last one. We’re all so human. Your mother made a terrible mistake, but she tried to fix it.”
“Good night,” I said, and rolled onto my side.
“There is nothing perfect,” August said from the doorway. “There is only life.”
- The Secret Life of Bees, Pages 255-256



4/11/11 -- First, I LOVED reading your essays. They were very insightful and I'm so impressed by the progress you all have made this year in organizing your thoughts into well-structured cohesive essays! Reminders: if you were out on Friday, you need to journal (re-read the last couple pages of chapter 9 and then continue the story in the narrator's point of view... 1-2 pages), read chapter ten, answer the questions, and do your vocab sentences. For everyone else, vocab sentences are due tomorrow! Great job in class today! What a nice start to Term 4!

4/8/11 -- Hi guys! I look forward to reading your poetry essays and your journal entries this weekend. For homework, finish reading chapter 10 and answering the questions we started in class today. They are posted on the Assignments page if you need them. See you Monday!

4/4/11 -- Tomorrow (Tuesday 4/5) we will be meeting in the library's lab to work on the poetry project. Bring any notes, poems, or books you need. If you have begun hand writing your essay, bring it with you to type! Essays are still due Wednesday!!

4/1/11 - Instructions for today:

3/31/11 -- Great job researching poems today and beginning your essays. I love all the connections you guys are making!

If I am not in class tomorrow, remember:

 **In Google Docs, create a document for your poem (example: Looser Poem)

**Then create a document for your essay (example: Looser Poetry Essay).


Here is the page with instructions on how to cite poetry quotes:

3/30/11 - Hey guys, sorry about all the internet problems in the lab today. Thank you for being so flexible. I enjoyed reading chapter 9 with you instead, and look forward to your responses to what happens next in the story. The chapter 9 reading questions are posted on the assignments page. I'll see if we can get lab time tomorrow.

3/27/11 - Just a reminder that we are meeting in the library tomorrow (Monday) after lunch. Come straight there from lunch. We are also meeting in the library first thing Wednesday morning.

3/21/11 - Chapter 7 Reading Questions are due Wednesday, 3/23. They are posted on the Assignments page. Complete Powerpoint slides today in class, so we can present them tomorrow.

3/16/11 -- Read the following narrative on the use of allusion in The Secret Life of Bees.


3/15/11 -- I enjoyed watching you guys lead the vocab activity today! You're all teachers and leaders in the making. :) The vocab sheets for chapters 7-10 are uploaded onto the Assignments page. Sentences are due Wednesday, March 16th. If you forgot your chapter 7 homework questions today, it MUST be turned in tomorrow. 
Reminder: St. Patrick's Day bake sale and carnation (green flower) sale this Thursday. Bring in baked goods for the freshmen class to sell or offer to help with the sale! All money earned goes to your class!!!
3/4/11 -- Just a reminder that our vocab quiz will be at the start of class on Monday (no review), so study this weekend! Here are the words:
elusive, speculate, portal, sweltering, veneer, flounce, meander, revelation, indignation, vigilante, agitate, recede, sedative, jilt, ingenious


3/2/11 -- Vocab Sentences for chapters 3-6 due today (one sentence for each word). Great discussion in class today! I'm always impressed by how insightful your comments are, how thought-provoking your questions are, and how well you interact in group discussions. Keep it up! Homework tonight: Read pages 67-74 of Bees. There will be a short reading check quiz at the start of class tomorrow.
February Vacation Homework: Read chapters 2 and 3 of The Secret Life of Bees. Answer the reading questions (posted on the “Assignments” Page). Record three examples of figurative language on your organizer or on a separate piece of paper. Reading questions are due Tuesday, March 1st and are worth two homework grades.
2/15/11 -- Your homework for Thursday is to write one original sentence for each new vocab word. This will help you prepare for Friday's quiz. Be creative and try to write sentences that really illustrate the meaning of the word. For those absent or MAP testing on Tuesday, here are this week's words and their definitions:
1. presumptuous: excessively forward or confident
2. orneriness: stubborn or irritable attitude
3. spectacle: something striking or impressive to view
4. conjure: to create from nothing as if by magic
5. coax: to gently persuade
6. obliged: to be required to do something
7. sashay: to walk with a sway of the hips that intends to attract attention
8. unperturbed: not disturbed or bothered
9. riled: provoked to anger
10. brazen: bold
11. beseech: to beg eagerly for or to strongly request
12. pious: religious
13. accommodate: to make adjustments for or meet the needs of
14. occupant: a person who lives in or resides somewhere
15. preoccupied: busy with or distracted by something
2/14/11 --- Happy Valentine's Day! Don't forget: Chapter 1 Questions due tomorrow at the beginning of class! They are posted on the Assignments page if you lost the sheet.

2/4/11 -- Homework over the weekend:
In your journal, write a one page letter to yourself reflecting on whether you have accomplished the goals you set in September, your current goals, your opinions about this class and the work you have done thus far, and how to get back on or stay on track for the remainder of the year.
I don't see you until Tuesday, February 8th, when you will be taking your Reading MAP test. Please be sure to bring The Secret Life of Bees on Tuesday so you will have something to read if you finishe testing early. Make sure you get a good night's sleep, eat a good breakfast, and get to school on time next week. I know you will do great!
1/31/11 -- I'm uploading a copy of the parent permission slip here in case any of you lose it (some of them were left on the desks in class on Monday). You MUST have a parent sign this before you will be given a book to read and take home. Bring it to class on Wednesday. In the event of a snow day, please bring it on Thursday.



1/25/11 -- Final drafts of your midterm Life of Pi essays are due today!!! For those who need reminders on how to post to the wiki, see the following document:



1/18/11 -- In class this week we will be completing a draft of the literary analysis essay and then doing some peer revision. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you are keeping up with the writing outside of class and bringing completed work to class. We can't work together if everyone doesn't participate. Completed drafts must be uploaded to the wiki at the end of class tomorrow (Wednesday). Your final drafts will be due next Tuesday, January 25th at the start of class. We will present essays to the class next week. As this is your midterm, late work will NOT be accepted.
1/6/11 -- Reminder: Working thesis statements are due tomorrow (Friday). You must bring them to class in order to be able to participate. The whole period will be structured around working with the thesis statement. You'll also want to be sure to bring your book tomorrow (and every day that we work on the essay).
1/3/11 -- Welcome back and Happy New Year!!!! Just a reminder that your homework tonight is to write one vocab sentence for each of your Life of Pi vocab words. Vocab Quiz Wednesday!
12/21/10 -- Your homework over the break is to finish Life of Pi. Once you have completely finished the book, read the journal prompt taped inside your journal (posted to the Assignments page if you forgot your journal) and write at least two pages in response to it. If you get stuck, bring in other ideas you have about the book and what you think of Pi's story.

Enjoy your vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/20/10 -- We're almost done with Life of Pi! Enjoy the reading tonight and pay attention to chapter 10 -- it get's very exciting!!! The reading questions for tonight are posted on the Assingments page. I've also updated all of your grades in Powerschool (including all homework assignments, your research project grades, and your discussion board posts and presentation notes) Good job writing about symbolism today in class. I look forward to reading your essays!
12/16/10 -- Homework for the weekend is to read through chapter 78 (up to page 274) and finish answering the homework questions. I've posted these questions on the Assignments page. Be sure to fill in your reading log!
12/15/10 -- The last presentation is set for today. Your notes/questions will be collected tomorrow and no discussion board posts will be accepted after Friday! Your homework for tonight is to read chapters 55-59 (pages 200-223) and summarize each chapter on your reading log. I will probably check those tomorrow in class. Also, be sure to respond to the discussion board question on Christianity!
12/14/10 -- Tonight's homework is to read chapters 51 through 54 (pages 175-200) and summarize each chapter on your reading log. No homework questions. Happy reading!
12/10/10 - Great improvements on the posts to the discussion board! It's starting to feel like actual discussions we have in class. I love reading all of your insights and opinions, and I hope you are enjoying sharing them with each other. If you haven't started posting yet, remember that the presentation notes/questions and your four posts are equal to one open response grade! This should be an EASY way to improve your average. Don't let it be something that brings you down. As always, see me if you are having any issues.
Homework for this weekend is to read chapters 46-50 in Life of Pi, summarize each chapter on the reading log, and answer the reading questions (posted on the Assignments page if you lose it). Bring your reading logs on Monday (and everyday); we're going to use them!
Have a great weekend! ~Ms. Looser
12/7/10 -- Good job to all of those who have clearly worked hard on their presentations so far -- three more to go. Just a reminder to keep taking thorough notes, asking insightful questions, and being respectful listeners. You have no reading homework tonight, but be sure to post to the discussion board in response to the questions posted by Carmen and Calvin. In addition, if you have fallen behind on some of the reading, the next two nights are a great opportunity to get caught up. Be sure to come in Thursday with all of Part 1 completed.


Life of Pi the movie!!!

Check this out! In January, Ang Lee will begin directing and filming a movie version of Life of Pi. It is set to come out in 2012. Here's an article on who is being cast as well as other plans for the film! Article on Life of Pi Film

12/3/10 -- Great job this week! Just a reminder that presentations start next week and continue into the following week. It is important that you are all focused and engaged during the presentations, as each group is introducing information vital to our understanding of Life of Pi. Accordingly, we will all take notes and ask questions during each group's presentation. Also, be sure to respond to the discussion board questions in a timely manner. If we aren't all responding on the same day, it takes away from the "discussion." Here is a rubric I provided earlier on how discussion posts will be scored. Have fun!


12/1/10 -- Wednesday night's reading homework is posted on the assignments page (due in class on Friday). Please note, the heading on the homework questions says "13-16." This is a typo, as you should be reading 13-17. In addition, I have posted some resources for understanding MLA citation and creating a works cited page on the "Videos, Images, Links..." page. Refer to those and the resources provided to you in the library as you create your works cited.


11/29/10 -- Tuesday night's reading homework has been posted on the Assignments page. Be aware that while you are keeping up with the reading, you also need to be sure that you are positively contributing to the work of your research group. Presentations begin next week!


If you are interested in using Discovery Education United Streaming or Nettrekker (both great resources) for your research project, here is the login information that you can use:

Discovery Education (http://discoveryeducation.com/)
Username: lhslhs
Password: lhslhs

netTrekker (http://school.nettrekker.com)
Username: pfastudent
Password: pfastudent

To create your own netTrekker student account (free!!):
1. Click the Register link.
2. Fill in all the required fields.
3. In the Registration Key field type: SAC916
4. Click the Done button.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy the days off from school! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------11/23/10 -- Your homework over the break is to read chapters 4-7, summarize them on your reading log, and answer the homework questions. It's a short assignment, because I want you to spend time on your research projects. You can communicate with members of your group by emailing them through the wiki. The groups and presentation dates are listed below.

Research Project Presentation Dates (in order of dates presenting):

Monday, December 6th -- Group 5: Pondicherry, IndiaQuenia, Hannah, Carmen, Rosanna, and ShaenaTuesday, December 7th -- Group 1: HinduismPerla, Mia, Calvin, Sofia, and JesseThursday, December 9th -- Group 4: KabbalahKianna, Ricardo, Ana, Audrey, and IdalisFriday, December 10th -- Group 3: JudaismBenny, Iymae, Darynnell, Micah, and JeremyTuesday, December 14th -- Group 2: ChristianityYesenia, Chantalle, Diliana, Jahnilsa, and Cindy----------------------------------------------------------------------11/22/10 -- Homework tonight: Read chapters 1-3 and answer the reading questions (posted on the Assignments page). Don't forget to summarize what you read in your reading log!! I'm excited to be reading this book with you guys this year and to get to see it through your eyes! It will be a challenging novel, but work hard, and I promise we'll all get a lot out of it! :) Happy Reading!!!
*I've also posted the Research Project on the Assignments page. *

-----------------------------------------------------------------------11/18/10 -- Homework: Read the "Author's Note" of Life of Pi and then answer the questions on the homework sheet I gave you (I've uploaded a copy onto the Assignments page in case anyone loses it). This MUST be done by the start of class on Monday (I see you first block on Monday). Happy Reading!!!!------------------------------------------------------------------------11/15/10 -- YouTube links to the silent films we watched in class on Friday are all posted on the Videos/Images/Links page. Check them out for inspiration this week as you create your own silent film with your group. Make sure you bring everything you need for your performance on Thursday, and that in the meantime you are contributing creatively, thoughtfully, and respectfully to the work of your group. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!-------------------------------------------------------------------------11/5/10 -- Thanks to all of those who helped other students figure out the wiki posts in the lab today. Also, thank you all for taking the time to fill out the evaluation form -- I really appreciate it.The "Belief Statement Analysis" assignment (with the checklist and rubric) have been uploaded to the "Assignments" page (click on "Assignments" on the navigation bar to the right). The posting on the discussion board is also up, so please post all your entries on that single thread. This should be done by the end of the school day on Monday. If you have trouble with internet over the weekend hand write your response and then come type it in my room quickly before or after school on Monday or during advisory. Have fun reading each other's stuff! Have a great weekend!------------------------------------------------------------------------Check the "Assignments" page (to the right) for an uploaded version of the directions given to you in class about how to upload to the wiki.11/1/10 -- Can you believe it is already November?!?! A reminder to all of you who haven't yet brought your permission slips in:
Bring in your permission slip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need it so we can post audio and video clips of our belief statements on the wiki! If your parents are concerned with this or don't want your image/voice online, just have them let me know so I can make a note of it.This is going to be a fun week! I'm excited to read your essays tonight (Monday night). Don't forget to email them to yourselves -- it will make our time in the lab so much easier on Tuesday.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------10/27/10 - Great job today in class, everyone! I'm glad you were all able to share your writing with each other and that you were thoughtful and respectful your comment and "probing" question writing. We gain so much from having others read our writing, and we will continue this over the coming days. For homework tonight you are writing one page on something you believe (this will be the early stages of your official belief statement). Also, don't forget to have your parents sign the permission slip! This is very important! I'm uploading a copy of it to the wiki in case anyone loses it or forgets to bring it home.
-----------------------------------------------------------------10/21/10 - In class today we talked about the differences between personal narratives and personal essays. We also discussed how writers use elements of personal narratives -- stories from their own lives -- to support their opinion/belief/insight in a personal essay. Read the essays by Mallory Hales and Josh Rittenberg and then post on the discussion page (under "Rittenberg/Hales Essays") a story from your own life that either supports or contradicts the belief of ONE of these writers. Have fun!-------------------------------------------------------------------10/19/10 - Homework (due by start of class on 10/21)Read the three belief statements I gave you in class. Then go to This I Believe to choose another belief statement to read. Post your thoughts on the belief statement you read on the Discussion page of this wiki. Tell us the title and author of the belief statement and what it was about (the author's belief, how he or she expressed it, and whether it was persuasive or convincing). Have fun! I can't wait to see what you guys find!-------------------------------------------------------Reminder: "She Waits Seething, Blooming" Flip the Story Assignment DUE TODAY (October 15, 2010)Email to me at elooser@lawrence.k12.ma.us--------------------------------------------------------------------Welcome to Ms. Looser's
First Year Honor's English Wiki!

On this site, we will be able to post our writing in a class portfolio and to read and comment on the writing of others. I will post assignments and rubrics on here as well. You should check the wiki regularly to stay on top of what's going on in class.

You will need an email address through which to access this wiki. If you have an email address that is blocked on campus, I suggest you create one through gmail. It's not a bad idea to have an email separate from your personal email to use strictly work school (and eventually work purposes). This will be especially helpful when it comes time to apply to colleges. I recommend using a simple email address such as your first and last name or first initial and last name as your email login.

Once you have your email address, I can invite you to the wiki! You will also need to create a wikispaces account. For this you should absolutely use your first and last name so that everyone can recognize your posts on the wiki.

Now that you are in, please follow the directions below to create a portfolio page for yourself:

1.) Click on the tab to the left that says "New Page"
- When it asks for the "Page Name" please put your first and last name typed formally and properly. For example: Emily Looser
-Then click on create page.
-Then once you are on your page, please write the following pieces of information on your page:
Email Address
-When finished with this information, please hit "Save" on top of the page.

2.) Please return to the HOME page. The tab for this is on the left hand side of the computer screen.

3.) Please click on the tab on the top that says "Discussion." Then click "First post."
- Respond to the question that the post is asking. Give your post a new creative title.

4.) Play around with the site a little more before logging off.

5.) Have a wonderful, fantastic day!