Persuasive Videos we watched and analyzed in class this week:

These final two are too big to upload onto the wiki, but if you can get on YouTube you can watch them. How do these videos appeal to ethos, pathos, and logos? What other persuasive techniques do they employ?

Dear 16-year-old me and When Did You Choose to Be Straight?

MLA Format Guidelines

Here is a PDF of a sample works cited page:

For more information on how to cite sources, visit:

The Purdue OWL MLA Resource Page

YouTube links to the silent videos we watched in class:

Charlie Chaplin's "Smile" from Modern Times

Mr. Bean Car Park Chaos

The Black Hole

A Small Silent Film About Death

Here's a link to Taylor Mali's "Typography About Language" poem:

Taylor Mali's "Typography About Language"

Here are the belief statement videos we watched in class:

This one is the Michelle Gardner-Quinn tribute

Here is a link to the video essay "What Doesn't Kill Us Only Makes Us Stronger.":

"What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Stronger"

And here is a link to the belief statement montage if your still looking for inspiration for your topic:

Montage of Beliefs

Here is another one I found that you might find interesting. It's by a doctor named Paul Farmer who believes that access to health care is a human right. There are some rather powerful photos included:

Paul Farmer - "I Believe Health Care Is a Human Right"

Here is a link to President Obama's September 2009 Address (speech) to America's Students (at, which is the website of the Executive Branch of the government):Obama Address to America's Students

Remember the Michael Jordan "Look Me in the Eyes" video and the "You Can Do This" video we watched during the first week of school? Here they are!