Global Warming is a world wide topic and is constantly controversed throughout. This huge issue has been quite a problem during the years and is questioned everywhere in the world. Global Warming is when the earth's temperature rises and will sometimes get unbearably hot; causing animals and plants to die within the quick change of the earth's atmosphere, including people. Many people do not believe that Global Warming is an issue or that it is real at all. Some think that it just cannot possibly excist and that it is a "political movement". Others think that, "If we do not take action, the warming will continue". People of that prospective are trying to stop Global Warming and are trying to do whatever it takes to stop it. Another prospective is people think that Global Warming is real and know that it is happening, they just don't believe that it is caused by us. Global Warming is what make people think strongly about - whether they don't believe in it or they do. They will want to put their thoughts out in the open so the world can clearly understand.

* Here are some articles and a few videos that introduce different views on the world wide topic of Global Warming:

• In this article by, Terry Clarke, believes that there is no such thing as "Man-made global warming" and that it is "impossible to achieve". He describes the topic as "cutting edge science", and believes that some one is behind this "theory" today. Terry Clarke lectures alot about music and how it affected the minds of the people today. That there are some messages in the music from years ago telling us about the earth and such. The author believes that there are more important matters to be more concerned about.
Global Warming: Real Science Fiction

• This article by the, American Policy Roundtable, argues that the "obvious" of global warming isn't true. It tells that global warming is misdirected and that we (as in the people) should "pull the plug on this scam" before it "destroys" the billions of dollors that we made and paid for in the world plus the jobs that we gave. The American Policy Roundtable gives 8 arguments against Global warming. The Policy argues that we do not have enough proof to support global warming.
The Great Global Warm Up (8 Arguments Against Global Warming)

• In this small article by the website, Plastics Global, says that "political parties and politicians make us fear something to make us do something in order to promot their agenda." It says that global warming is not real and that we should stop living in a world of fear just because some people say it's true.
Global Warming Is Not Real

• This 10 minute video by, YouTube, shows a display of different scientists exlpaining that global warming is not true and that this warming has occurred long before cars and buildings. Scientists declare that the Global Warming theory is just not clear at all. The scientist explain that everything is made up of carbon dioxide, so how could global warming be true? Since carbon dioxide seems to be "warming up the planet and killing the ozone?"
Global Warming: The Truth

• This next article by, Education Foundation, defines global warming and everything that has to do with the situation. It has no negatives or positve inputs or prospectives. It just simply states the obvious.
Global Warming

• In this article by, NRDC (Natural Resouce Defense Council), answers questions that proves the truths about global warming. They explain the causes of global warming and the disasters. How to help stop global warming and what is harmful to the earth and to stop it.
Global Warming Basics

• Mark Henderson writes an article about global warming on The Sunday Times. He explains that humans have triggered rising temperatures in the oceans. He proves that over the past 40 years the sea temperatures have risen an average of half a degree Celcius (0.9F). He shows a mans research, Dr Barnett, examined over 7 million observations of temperature in the sea has changes, plus the computer models of various potential causes of the climate change. He says that the climate change has effected the seas in so many different ways in the different parts of the world.
New Proof That Man Has Caused Global Warming

• This stronge supported article by, ClimatePath, explains that many people are concerned about the causes of climate. It tells that since 1750 the greenhouse gasses have increasingly marked as a result of human activity. This shows that the global atmosphere has increased in carbon dioxide, due to the fossil fuels and the land use change, plus the methane and nitrous are due to the agricuture. The arctic temperatures are melting the ice and snow (decreasing the size of the ice caps on each side the hemisphere), making dramatic wind changes causing the sea level to rise. It says "For the next two decades, a warming of about 0.2°C per decade is projected for a range of emission scenarios.", even if the greeanhouse temperatures and gases were to be controled, a distant warming of 0.1°C will be projected per decade. The consequences will be severe causing each specie to be extinct and will reduce tropical forests & other types of forests, and coral reefs. Cause great threats to islands making floods thoughout the world, and severe hurricane storms.
The Science of Climate Change

• This extremely small article by, The Nature Conservancy, believe that they need to protect nature and all its qualities and that this "protection" will help the earth and improve people's lives.
Help Fight Climate Change & Global Warming (Nature + People = Solution)

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