The Pros and Cons ofInteracial Marriage

My issue is on Interracial Marriage. Throughout history, interracial marriage has been unacceptable. When two people from different races collide, many people thought it was a sin, others thought it was just not right. Some people believe that interacial marriage is ok. These people believe that anyone no matter what skin color you are, should be together. The earliest interacial marriage is dated back in 1614 between Pocahontas and John Rolfe. Both of their people didn't accept them until the end, but, in society, racism lives vividly between all cultures.
Let us all hope that the dark clouds of racial prejudice will soon pass away, and that in some not too distant tomorrow the radiant stars of love and brotherhood will shine over our great nation with all their scintillating beauty.” - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Under are some links that show the controversial point of views about this topic.

1. In this link, Ed Forester, the writer, talks about the different points of view of being in an interracial marriage. He explains how being in an interracial marriage can be good because you will be exposed to diversity such as learning the different cultures the couple is made of. Their kids will also be exposed to such culture also influencing the child. Then he explains the negative parts of being in an interracial marriage. The couple and their children are very likely to be exposed to much more racism. Ed describes times where he did experience these moments.

2.In this link, a woman talks about her experience in interracial marriage. It does not say her real name just gives her username: Piafinn. When she was a kid, she saw an interracial couple. The man was black and the woman was white. They had 3 little boys. When she went home she described what she saw to her parents and they told her "Not to marry them." "Them" being black people. When she grows up, she marries a Jamaican man. It takes time but her family pulls around and accepts her marriage. As life goes on she has kids and her friends ask questions like "what do you say if they ask if their black or white?" and she replies that they're both.

3. One important view that many anti-interracial people had was the fact of their race. They thought it was a disgrace and they thought that their race would soon die out if interracial marriage continued. A huge notice on this would be the Nazis in World War II. A huge reason why the Germans were trying to get rid of Jews was because they felt like they were destroying the German race with interracial relationships. The Nazis believed they were an Aryan race and the Jews were non-Aryan. Then as history continued, many didn't support the Nazis but they took a vital belief which was that interracial relationships shouldn't be supported.

4. In this link, many people have written their thoughts about the issue. I chose the people S Man and Anon1976 to show the pros and cons. S Man describes that if he was in an interracial marriage, his kids might not look like him or have less of a chance to look like him. He wants that feeling to be able to have children and be "proud" of them for looking like him. He feels it's "disgraceful" to mix races. And like the Nazis his reason cut short on why he is against interracial marriage is because he wants to preserve his heritage. Now on the other hand Anon1976 disagrees with S Man. He talks about how it doesn't matter if the child is mixed or not they can still look nothing like you just as he uses himself as an example. Then he asks why is it even important if the child looks like the parent? It's better being a "unique" individual then a "clone" as he describes. Lastly, he explains that even if he's mixed he is still part of that race no matter what other culture the child is. The culture will live on.

5. Ugo Daniels writes his opinion on interracial marriage. He only talks about the negative side of being in an interracial marriage. He explains that it is considered unbearable and disgraceful to a culture for not marrying the same race. The religious side of this is also shown saying that it was never in the bible for us to integrate so many people believe it is also a sin just to have a relationship with someone out of your culture. He also describes the negative outcomes that come with being interracial. You can experience many racial comments. He shortly talks about how interracial marriage can lead to a world with no race just one which is the human race.

6. In this article, many people have expressed their ideas. This article isn't just one idea but many who have changed it. This article talks about a man who believes that being in an interracial marriage is an amazing thing to society. He believes that a lot of culture are being hidden and isolated from the rest of the world because they marry inside of their culture instead of interracially marrying. Many cultures are expressed when being in an interracial marriage. He has married someone out of his race and has had kids. He says that when his family comes over for dinner, they all sit around the table "East Indian, Spanish, Chinese, Irish, French, African blood mixing together in one family."

7. In this link i chose to pick the people Marina and GQ Gentlemen. They both have very similar thoughts on why interracial marriage is ok. They talk about how it doesn't matter what nationality you are, love is love. No one can get in the way of something that can't be helped. Another reason they explain is that it's no ones business is someone's a different race or not. My favorite one is that we are in a free country so we should be allowed to marry whoever we please.

8. In this video, a judge refuses to grant a ceremony between a lovely interracial couple. He states that he does not want to do the ceremony because he has seen interracial couples who have been in horrible situations involving racism. He also wants to protect their children for living a hard life just because that child is mixed or that child's parents are two different races. He states that he legally has the power to refuse to perform the ceremony but he had to give up his license as a judge because of this act. I don't think it was worth his job.

9. In this i chose Snow Believer's response. She believes that people who are against interracial marriage are just being racist. "Love isn't based on skin color" she states. She feels like it's no one's business whether you date someone in or without your race. She says that people should crawl into their caves and stay out of other people's lives. The only race is human race and "people are people" as she says.

Here's my belief statement: