My issue is prostitution. Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession and is illegal all over the United States except Nevada. Prostitution should be legalized because we shouldn’t judge people because of their way of living. We don’t know each person’s story and we shouldn’t expect that there nothing but a slut. I don’t think that prostitution is right but that they shouldn’t be downsized by what they do.
These articles are some of the reasons I think that prostitution should be legal

  1. In this article it shows how many teens get judges because of how they live. Most of them didn’t choose to live that way but were forced by their choices in life and by their families. They weren’t technically forced by their family but because of their family not caring for them or not wanting them.

  1. Melissa Farley, PhD of Prostitution Research & Education strongly believes that prostitution shouldn’t be legal because it’s not healthy for women to sell their bodies. She believes there’s no excuse for women to become prostitutes because in the end it ends up hurting themselves.
  1. In this article Scott A. Anderson believes that prostitution should be considered wrong. He believes that sex shouldn’t be sold because it is something special that two people should share together when they are in love and not something to earn money. He believes that if prostitution is legalized people will start marketing sexual services and that more people will think that prostitution is acceptable. He points out how tobacco has been growing because of advertisements and that is exactly what will happen if they legalize prostitution. Making love with someone you’ll love will slowly loose its meaning because of how society will slowly change their perspectives of sex.
  1. In this article there basically talking about how in Las Vegas they want to make brothel owners get a license so that prostitution can be legal. There debating how in the city of Las Vegas if it should be legal to have houses of prostitutions. Also how they might put a tax on prostitution too. If they can get a tax on prostitution it’ll help Nevada with there money situation there having.
  1. Street prostitution is basically the same this as working in a brothel to some people but to the legal system it different. Forty nine states out of the fifty states of the United states of America have made street prostitution illegal. Nevada is the only state that permits prostitution in brothels. Prostitutes working outside of the brothels can be arrested because it is illegal. Only in some parts of Nevada though.
  1. In this article it explains how people think they should make prostitution illegal. Not to arrest prostitutes but their pimps. They believe that the prostitutes aren’t to blame but the people who control them (their pimps). A pimp was arrested and the prostitutes were helped by police.

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