My issue is euthanasia. Euthanasia is when a patient is terminally ill or in an irreversible coma and either them or their family would like to end their life. They don't to suffer anymore so they just want to get it over with. It is performed using a lethal injection. It is illegal in the United States except in Oregon under limited conditions. Many believe it is immoral and should not be performed on a human but others believe it is the patient's choice to be put out of their suffering.

1. Death Debate: Should Euthanasia Be Legalised?
In this video the person believes that they should have had a choice to keep living or just ending their life. The person's father was very independent and wouldn't have wanted to be put on a respirator. He would have wanted to be able to live without any help from a machine and if he could no longer do that he would have died with dignity. The doctors told the man that if they had removed the respirator it would be like killing him, even though he would have preferred that. So this peraso n believes that they should have the right to this decision.

2.Thousands Petition Against Euthanasia
This article is about the petition that was going on in the UK in 2006. They were opposing the bill that could make euthanasia legal in the United Kingdom. Over 8000 people signed the petition. One person said it was a "deeply flawed and immoral bill." All these people are against the legalization of euthanasia and think it is wrong. A Christian charity was gathering protestors via mobile phones and computers.
This shows both views on euthanasia. It says that people have the right to die. If they are suffering and feel that they are being a burden to those around them then they should have the choice to end their life. The arguments against it claim that it should be unnecessary due to all that can be done medically. It can breed fear and guilt and is against many religious views.

4.Close Up: Doctor Fights For Right to End His Life
In this video a doctor is terminally ill and wants to end his life. He knows he can't because euthanasia is illegal. He wants to have the right to say when he's a had enough. He says it would actually be worse for the family because they will have the memories of his death. He won't suffer because he'd already be dead. He knows that what lies ahead will be intolerable and he doesn't want to go through that.

5.Non-religious Arguments Against Euthanasia
This article includes arguments for both sides. The writer shows his views and e-mails another and posts their replies. The writer is against legalizing euthanasia. He shows many points as to why that is. The person who he e-mails does not agree with his points and says he will not favor his over his own. One point the author makes is that legalizing euthanasia will cause it to be "routinely practiced on a large scale."

6.Euthanasia- A Catholic View
This article contains religious views on euthanasia. It states that we do not have "the right to die." It makes a point to say that we want to get rid of those who are a burden. We only want people who are fit and life is only valuable to us when it is healthy. It says that no matter how ill a person is, we do not have the right to put them to death or decide when the right time for them to go is.

7.Views on Euthanasia
This page includes many of the point of views on this issue. One says that it is morally forbidden to practice active euthanasia. Passive euthanasia is more acceptable because "death is a foreseen consequence." Someone makes a point by saying that there is no "morally relevant distinction between killing someone intentionally and letting someone die."

8.Why Do Patients Request Euthanasia?
This page includes the reasons for why someone would want to ask for euthanasia. One of them states that they want to control the circumstances of the death, not just to stop themselves from suffering. Some might want to do this because of loss of dignity or decreased capability of participating in activities that make life enjoyable to them.