Illegal immigration

The controversial topic of illegal immigration can be seen all over the world. This issue has been seen for hundreds of years and has cost many people an abundant amount of money. There are people who choose to be illegal immigrants for several reasons weather it's to get a job, to give their children better lives, or to obtain illegal substances. Lots of people have strong opinions on whether illegal immigration should be solved by deportation or by giving people their documentation so that they can dwell upon any country they choose. Many people believe that illegal immigration can be the cause for debt that many countries owe, and for much of the delinquency that goes around in those countries. On the contrary there are those certain people that understand that undocumented families are looking for a better educations and jobs in other countries that they can't find in the country which they are citizens of. The issue of illegal immigration is one that will always turn heads and make both men and women create strong opinions in their heads whether for the better or for the worse.

Below are links that lead to articles that include varying views on the issue of illegal immigration:

1. This brief article tries to convince people that illegal immigration is a crime. It tells about the problems that are cause by illegal immigration and the amount of illegal immigrants in the United States. This article also enhances the fact that there are many steps that the United States can take to stop the "criminal offense" of illegal immigration.

2. In this blog, Mike Brownfield, believes that illegal immigration is a serious topic. He believes that president Barack Obama shouldn't have made a joke about it. He believes that Obama was only making fun of the Republicans, but the author believes that the whole issue was no laughing matter.

3. This article on CNN contains evidence that shows that people fight for illegal immigrants to have rights. On this specific day that they are talking about thousands of people went out to the streets of America protesting so that illegal aliens could obtain rights. This is a specific event that was a positive reinforcement that let millions of illegal aliens believe that there was hope for them to live freely with equality and hope.

4. This article by Edwin Mora shows one of the positive views of illegal immigration that many people don't see. In this article President Barack Obama is faced with the question of "Why are illegal immigrants still receiving deportation letters, if the government is saying that deportations have stopped?" President Obama's overall answer is that he doesn't want to deport those undocumented students he wants them to succeed. This is important because it shows that the most powerful person in the United States isn't against illegal immigrants who want to make something of themselves.

5. This next article shows the devastating reality of the effects of illegal immigration. In this article there are facts that show that illegal immigration is a nightmare for the United States economy. The author of this article criticizes the way that President Obama wants to solve illegal immigration. He says that if it were up to President Obama there would be no immigration laws. This contains 18 facts that "prove" that illegal immigration is a nightmare for the United States economy. This author clearly shows what his opinion is with very outrageous comments and very argumentative statements.

6. This article by Kirk Semple of The New York Times contains information about what children of illegal immigrants go through. He says that these children suffer by not having the necessities that their parents can't afford. This article shows that illegal immigrants should be helped not harassed Their parents are afraid of being deported so they try to not take risks of having too much attention on them, and they don't want people to ask them if they have papers. In this article he says that by giving these families better working conditions and better learning opportunities that their children can succeed in their later schooling and in their adulthood.

7. This next article by Michael Winerip of The New York Times exlains how one young woman still has hope even after the Dream Act wasn't passed. This shows many different sides of illegal immigration. This shows that the law wasn't passed, but there are still people who have the hope necessary to one day be able to pass that law. This article shows that people still have the determination necessary to pass this law.

8. This video shows that many states are not complying with federal immigration requirements. This program is made to catch and deport illegal immigrants. These three news anchors/ interviewers all have different views on this issue. There is clearly one man that is pro illegal immigration and one man that isn't.

9.This next article by Lee Domenik contains the facts of illegal immigration without a strong bias towards the subject. This article gives many facts about the history of illegal immigration and what should be done to help both sides of this issue.