Airport Security is one of the many things us travelers have to go through before boarding an airplane. On averagre about 3,238,786 people board an airplane each day. We want to make sure that everyone is comfortable and feels safe flying in the air. On September 11, 2001 terrorists hijacked four commerical jet airliners. Three jets purposely crashed into the World Trade Center and one into the pentagon. Nearly over 3,000 people died in the attacks. Since then, Airport Secruity has become a major concern in air travel. Although numerous attempts have been made, nothing as epic as what we call "9/11". 9/11 has led to higher or more secruity
procedures for passengers. Many people have different views on Airport Security.

Below are some links that relate to this topic:
  • This article written by Michael Chertoff and Kip Hawley explains that the following New Regulations Will Increase the Security and Efficiency of Air Travel. The U.S. Program for airline passengers known as "Secure Flight" will increase the secruity and efficiency of air travel. It will protect passangers privacy. It will also lower the number of complaints due to misidenifications that lead to stress and chaos. So the number one objective is to make sure that everyone who boards an airplane, is protected and safe.
  • However, in this article written by Goldberg, Jeffrey it explains that the U.S. Airport Security Measures Are Ineffective and Purely Symbolic.The viewpoint of Jefferey is highly stated and strongly concerned. Stating: "Security in U.S. airports is worthless. The measures put in place after the September 11 [2001] attacks to prevent any more such attacks are pure "security theater." They do not make airports or air travel safer; all they do is make travelers feel better and help catch dim-witted terrorists. In the past 10 years, airports have tried their best to protect americans when boarding planes but accoriding to Jefferey it is just worthless. He points out the bad things that pass through secruity checkpoints, Pointless Secondary Screenings,and as he calls it "A system designed to catch stupid terrorists....(etc).

  • In this article written by Gregory, Anthony it details Privatizing Airport Security Will Better Protect Passengers. It claims that the private part of this idea is the best position to protect airline passengers. It must compete for consumer dollars to avoid bankruptcy. Gergory says that private buisnesses lose money when the costumers arre being mis-treated.

  • This is one of my favorite viewpoints written by Stewart Baker. It states that the U.S. Borders Must act as the First Line of Defense. I personally agree with Stewart. He says that U.S. security from terrorist threats relies on identifying and tracking the movements of known and suspected terrorists, like Osama Bin Laden. He also says that the targeting system has helped push away dangerous individuals by using flight and passport information. Very Useful.

  • The viewpoint of Melvin A. Goodman is very straight foward. It's about the Intelligence Gathering Has Not Improved Since 9/11. This article is simliar to the one written by Goldberg, Jefferey. It follows the same idea. The movement within the last 10 years has shown improvement. Also, It says till this day the U.S. does not recieve warnings. But then again the U.S. does not now when terrorists will try to strike. The most important and overal messgae of this article is the lack of sharing intelligence.

  • In this blog we have a taste of the public opinion on airline safety. Written by Gulliver he asks"What do travelers really think?". There was a hugh controversy over the new airline secruity procedures and Gulliver new people were raged. But exactly how many? Who were they? Everyday we americans question "Is our opinion really heard? Are they actually taking it under consideration? Gulliver feels that our opinions are not being heard and that there should a better way to conduct airline safety.

  • In this article the year 2007 was known as the year that there was a Tremendous Progress and Maturation for the Department of Homeland Security according to Micheal Chertoff. This year was the year that the border security and immigration enforcement improved. Also when the passenger secruity and emergency response was more effective. During the week of thanksgiving the number of travelers increased including more than 17 million travelers. Kepping dangerous people out and bringing the good people in.

Here are two video links that again approach the issue on Airport Secruity:
  • In this video the new machines that may be used in the U.S called "Naked X-Ray Scanners" are creating controversy. The public is concerned about the invasion of privacy. Are you invading too much privacy?. There are also questions on whether the pictures being tooken are going to be kept and if they are for how long . Breast implants,Prosthetic devices and other sensitive details are also being questioned.
  • I really enjoyed this video. This video contains step by step procedues on How to Get Through Airport Security. Make sure you NEVER have any weapons for whatever reason. Be prepared to have the following: Confirm the Airport Security rules, a travel vest, a layered carry-on and of course a registered traveler ID. REMEMBER to be safe is always they to go.