Issue: Stem Cell Research

Stem cell resarch is the study of stem cell therapy. Stem cells are very special cells because they are unspecilized cells and have no job to do but can turn into any specilized cell and do any job in the human body. They can even make entire body parts. Doing this would allow it to replace any damaged cells in the body like damaged muscle cells, damaged nerve cells, damaged skin cells, etc.. There are two types of stem cells that can be obtained. The first type is obtained from adult fat and tissue. These stem cells are limited and can only turn into specific cells. They are hard to take from adults and hard to cultivate in a lab. The second type of stem cell is obtained through a few week old embryos. These stem cells are able to reproduce any cell in the body, they are very easy to take and cultivate. Many people have one of the two different viws listed below.

a) Stem cell therapy is immoral when it involves killing embryos, unborn baby humans and should never ever be funded.

b) stem cell therapy is moral because it can save people from diseases and can cure paralyzed humans and should definantly be funded.



This passage from talks about stem cells and what it is but more importantly it talks about the different pros and cons of the diffrent stem cells. Because this passage is just stating facts it dosent really have an opinion on stem cell research.


This passage from states that stem cell research is immoral and wrong. It states that catholic churches are against stem cell research because"it involves the destruction of human embryos. The catholic churches say that it is immoral, unnesessary and wrong to kill an innocent human embryo.


This is a science blog done by the University of Chicago Medical Center. This talks about the two different views of stem cell research. The auther here is clearly with the view that "stem cell research should be funded". In the blog, the author said

"My prediction is that in the long run – maybe a few years, maybe a few decades – most people will have forgotten the controversy, while a small band of scientists continues their stem cell studies without much public attention."


This abcnews site on stem cell research has no views on stem cell research it self. This only talks about the stats and statistics pf the views that the public has on it. This site has just about all the diffrent supporters and opponents on stem cell research.


This site is done in the opinion that stem cell research should be funded more than it is (it is currently a little amount and not enough to get any real results.) In this artical, it talks about how benifitul stem cells can be to man especially for those in war. It talks about how it an heal different wounds and keep soulders free of disability.