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The official definition of an abortion is “The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy “. Many people have many different options of abortion. some agree with and some dont,but thats the way almost everthing is in life.An abortion isn’t something you can just do and then forget .Its something that you will live with for the rest of your life.An abortion is a natural right that a women has.This meaning that if the women feels that she ccant or just doesnt wan to care of anouther life she has the opition to go through with the pregnacny or "terminate" it. Abortion is a serious topic that has many people undecided of which side to choose.


Women should have the right to do what they want with there body’s that including having an abortion. But women shouldn’t take advantage of this procedure .because an abortion is very serious it’s like killing undeveloped fetus, some say its considered murder. Women should know that’s Adoption is a viable alternative to abortion and after you have an abortion you have a higher risk of medical compilations in the future.


A visual representation on what and how an abortion is done. it show what is physically done to a women (not the real thing)


abortion cost the state more than 1 million dollars a year. There are many risks that come with getting abortions legally or illegally.

There is also an increase "Backstreet Abortions". that is an illegal and very unsafe way to have an abortion. This site also explains the many risks that come with having an abortion like an increase in breast cancer rate and how even legal abortions are not safe


BACK STREET ABORTIONS is unsafe very dangerous way to have an abortion” using primitive surgical methods: injecting poisonous solutions into the womb or inserting objects intended to dislodge the fetus. "This type of abortion is done by some one with no training. They also talk about SELF INDUCED ABORTIONS where a woman purposely induces many methods to have a Mis- carriage.

this site shows very real, very graphic Images of abortion


there trying to prohibit federal money from paying for abortions through Medicaid and some other federal programs. And Businesses that offer health insurance covering abortion could not get tax credits back (They can’t pay for abortions) the bill includes exceptions for pregnancies that threaten the life of the mother or result from rape or incest.

Pro Choice:

this includes Real opinions about abortion.Peoples different opinions about abortion and how It shouldn’t matter. Ayn Rand clearly states that abortion is just another right that a woman should have the right to choose for her self .Christian Beenfeldt says that
"An embryo is not a human being, and abortion is not murder. The "pro-life" movement is not a defender of human life--it is, in fact, a profound enemy of actual human life and happiness"

a pro choose abortions is giving the legal right to a women to abort an "unwanted" child. There many different types of abortions if you are in your first trimester you can use the” morning after pill" or have a Suction Abortion. At the end of the third month, the abortion is usually performed by Dilation and Curettage. After sixteen weeks of fetal growth, a woman can choose to experience a Partial Birth Abortion or have Saline Amniocentesis


There is no reason to single out abortion among all a woman .because if you don’t want to be a mother it is your natural right do what ever you wants with yourself and your body this is why they should KEEP OBORTIONS LEGAL .If people make abortion illegal. getting an abortion is no longer going be safe because even if it is made illegal, women who don’t want to be or are not ready to mothers will get one anyways.

Video about being pro choice and the situation mothers and there babies can get into if they are brought into this world

a decussion about abortion and how i shouldnt matter.Ayn Rand clearly states that abortion is just anouther right that a women should have the right to coose for her self
Christian Beenfeldt says that
"An embryo is not a human being, and abortion is not murder. The "pro-life" movement is not a defender of human life--it is, in fact, a profound enemy of actual human life and happiness" thi site

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