Is our country really seperated from the church

1) This video talks about the opinion of children of different religons, who think that our country is influenced by christianity.
Linda Ellerbee the host of this video she talks about the how our country free. To be more specific freedom of religon of any kind.
Children of different religons talk about there religons and what they think about the issues. In this video they speek to challenged
religons who are more victamized then others like muslims and athiest. They also talke to christians about what they think about
our country being seperated by the church. They think that our country was foundend by Christainity. Other people think that our
country is seperated from the church.

2) This article is talking about the history of theseperation of church and state and how it actually took place. This man named
Randell who is a religon that is a kind of Christainity. He mentions the thought of the metiphoricle meanig of "seperaion of church and state."
But then he acuallly get to the meaning of "seperation of church and state." It means that the federal government will not allow one religon to
be apart of the uniteed stated. Rendall is realy nutral about the topic.

3) The person who is speeking in this artical is saying that our country is too influenced by the church. He is making the statement
that we should be completly sepperated by the church andits customs. He does not like the fact that one religon is the main influence
in our country. The author of the article uses many quotes to prove his piont that keeping religon raped up with polotics is a "grave danger
to American life." found in the fifth paragraph.

4) In these several article the thought of many people accure. In the first issue that they talk about the majority over the minority. They dibate that we should have have equal rights for all and that just because the ma

Iymae C. Ruiz
Date: 11/2/10
English 9 Honors

Doing Something Nice for Someone Else is the Key To Happiness
Have you ever seen those depression commercials where they say that depression is a physical thing not a mental thing, and at

the end of the commercial when they say “depression hurts?” In my opinion I don’t really believe that. I believe that doing something

for some one else is a good way of getting rid of depression. I’m not saying that the doctors are wrong. They could be right and.

I’m only 14 and they have a doctors degree so I can’t real say any thing about the “scientific facts.” But through my own personal

experiences I think I’m right. For example on October 30, 2010 our church was hosting a special event called “Halleluiah Night” and

my mom and other women were in charge of the kids while I was upstairs handling the audio situation with all the presentations

and specials. After I finished with that I went down stairs to help with the kids but it turns out that they were just cleaning up. So I

decided to help out with the cleaning. At the end of the “Halleluiah Night” I crabbed some cheese, crackers, and some tea and

headed out and while I was in the car I was rocking out to some song and I felt pretty good. So in my experiences you don’t have

to talk all of those medications.