Should Junk Food be Banned in School?

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Over the years, society has been debating on whether or not sweets should be allowed in school. Some believe that sweets shouldn't be allowed because they worried that students will be unable to focus on their work and be constantly disruptive during class sessions. Others feel like if they spend money on junk food then they should be able to eat it, no matter what time of the day. This post is to show you how others feel on the topic and will allow you to choose what side you're on...

1. This webpage tells how one school is junk food junkies as well as the students. They have vending machinces with all kinds of junk food. Ex, twix bars, honey buns, and soda. This school allows the junk food. ♥

2. This webpage doesn't tell what side of the fence their on, but it has a poll on whether or not schools should have a ban on bringing candy to school on Halloween. It has 4 topics to vote from.

3. This article talks about how this person wants to ban sweets and have it passed as a law. They feel onces it is passed then the schools should do whatever they can to make sure that the junk food is kept out of school. The sponser of this is trying to help obesity all over society.

4. In this webpage, it talks about how parents think that the schools have gone to far trying to ban candy. They feel like if they pay for it then they should get to eat it, no matter where they are. Parents disagree with this choice and have started a major contriversy over it.

5. This is a forum debate, The person asked if someone else's school has banned candy and then the responders say whether or not their school has and how they did it. They also explain why their school did what they did.

6. In this article, the Flordia Board of Education wants schools to ban to FLAVERED milk and soda from schools. It gives an explanation on why they feel the way they do.



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