My issue is cyberbullying and I researched that 42% of kids have been bullied while online,1 in 4 have had it happen more than once, 35% of kids have been threatened online and nearly 1in 5 have had it happened more than once, 21% of kids have recieved mean or threatening emails or messages. 58% of kids have admitted that someone has said mean and hurtfuk things to them online , and more than 4 out or 10 says it has happened more than once. Also 53% of kids admitted having said something mean or hurtful to another person online, more than 1 in 3 have done it more than once. 58% have not told there parent or adult about someone saying something mean or hurtful that happened to them online.
  • Cyberbullying is worst than phyical bullying because the victim is being humiliated froma large audiance. Also embarrasing pictures or taunts are being spread throughout a bunch of people. 6% of kids in the United Staes have been threatened or harassed online. In March of 2006 showed that 75 to 80% of 12 to 14 year old have been cyberbullied. 20% of kids under the age of 18 have received a sexual solication, cyberbullying is on the rise and it affects both genders. Female bullies preferred the use of text messaging harassment vs. face to face bullying.
  • Social networking sites could be forms of cyberbullying because the new technologies have spread things more quickly and before and here are some examples of how it gets spread around quickly: the internet / new social networking sites and cell phones tend to draw teenagers and kids to enable to spread rumors about there classmates and neighbors. cyberbullying has became a treat to many people, parents and educators work to counter anti-social and harmfull harassment and also make crimes punishable by law.

  • Social networking sites could not be forms of cyberbullying because social sites such as Facebook, MySpace, tweeter, etc. is not to blame because the networking sites if for teenagers to wage their wars. Its also to teach students to be responsible online behaviors. It will also alienate teenagers instead of helping them to navigate social sites safely and without doing harm to others. Its the teenagers faults for cyberbullying others its not the social netwrking sites fault because its the teenagers/kids who are starting all this cyberbullying because these teenagers/kids who are on these websites like Facebook and MySpace, etc. are threatening and harassing there enimes.
  • These are the kind of threats that some/ most people get when they are being cyberbullied: The bully uses lewd language ,the insaults the other person directly, threatens the other person vaguely, threatens the other person with bodily harm, when there is general serious threat to the other person, also the threats to the other person with serious bodily harm or death. There are alot of different ways people can cyberbully others by using threats to the victims.

  • Kids, teenagers usally cyberbully others because they are angry, entertainment, they get bored,getting back for revenge or maybe they are frustrated and there are more why people cyberbully others. Also they might find themselves to be a tough guy or girl and thinks its fun to see, and some people thinks its wrong so they stand up for the vitcim. Maybe if the vitim is new to the school some teenagers thinks its right to cyberbully the "new kid in school". Or maybe the "new kid on the block".
  • There are two kinds of cyberbullying, direct attacks and cyberbullying by proxy because cyberbullying by proxy often gets adults / parents involved in the harassment, also it is much more dangerous.

  • Many teenagers are committing suicide because of how other classmates are bullying / cyberbullying them. So the teenagers don't ask for help and instead of talking to someone about the situation they descide to kill them selfs cuase of how badly the bully is treating them.Parents should talk to their teenagers about cyberbullying and let them know that they are always there for you even adults from school.

  • There are 5 strategies for dealing with cyberbully and here are the 5 stategies:
1. Report Violations: If you are being cyberbullied really badly then you should contact the FBI or the police.
2.Collect Evidence: Get the evidence that the bully send to you by e-mail or text message so that way you have proof that you are getting cyberbullied.
3.Modify Settings: If you have a facebook or social networking sites then you should have you profile on privite so that way strangers can get into your page.
4.Educate Accordingly:Have your parents tell u the importance about cyberbullying.
5. Monitor Electronic Use: Parents should have their kids as friends on facebook to make sure that they are not getting bullied.
  • If you or someone you who is getting cyberbullied then you should follow these strategies to help you with your bully.

  • Cyberbullying has helped us learn more about it and more about how to prevent cyberbullying. If you are being cyberbullied at school and get caught doing it to someone then the bully will be punished and here are some of the punishments that a bully could get: they could be suspened form school for a period of time, or getting kicked off a sports team maybe depending on how bad things get it the bully could get exspelled from school.
Here are some videos that i have found due to my issue of cyberbullying.;lst;8

this is my belief statement: