Darynnell Batista


My issue is suicide. Many people would belwive that someone doing a project on a topic like that would be hurtful or scary. But its something that has a great affect on teens, families and a society all together. Suicide is the act of a person evidentally ending their own lives, or to put it into light perspective: killing themselves. The cause of someone having thought of commiting suicide could branch out to very few reasons. The highest rated cause of suicidal deaths is mostly due to depression. Other reasons include extreme stress due to school, friends and family or traumatic expieriences. It is the leading cause of death in children and teens in the ages of 15 to 24. It is highly likely that someone talking aboput commiting suicide can and most likely will try it. It increases draumatically wiyth the use of firearms. 60% of suicidal deaths are caused with a gun in the U.S.


Suicide can be varied in the number between boys and girls. A girl will think about it and may try it twice as often as a boy would and will attempt it by using drugs or cutting themselves. But bows die four times as much as a girl would due to commiting suicide because they tend to use more dangerous ways of harming themselves such as over hanging or firearms.


Assisted suicide is actually thought of as a state law in some states. It is the hastening of a very ill patients death with the assistance of a doctor or family member. This so called law is under debate because not all people beleive that a doctor or physician should take an active roll ion hastening a the process of a patients death


The internet is used in many ways to prevent a child or adult from killing themselves. It offers many tips and ways to help a person through any type of deppression. But in the sense of a person who is trying to do it it can also be a source of ways in which someone can commit suicide. The internet lists a variety of reasons why it happens and the methods used in order for it in order to try and inform people of the risks and why suicide is so dangerously popular in a sense. Yet it can also give people, mostly teens, ways to commit suicide or influence the thought of doing so.


There are other ways the internet can influence a persons thoughts of ending their depression through suicide.There are actually websites that encourage suicide as a way to ease depression and to just let it all go. They give teens suggestions on how they should kill themselves and one site (check the link) even tells people,quote: "do a good job" when they commit suicide.


Cyber bullying can be a reason a teen will commit suicide, and with how serious cyber bullying has become it can eventually become so unbearable and relentless that a teen going through it will seek to kill themselves because of it. Not many teens commit suicide from cyber bullying as it does not usualy escalate to that height but it is still a serious manner and is still a likely cause.