School Uniforms
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Uniforms have been around for centuries. They have been used for the army all around the world. They have been used for royalty servants,maids,worker, Schools, sports, prison, Uniforms hygienic, and many more. Uniforms are sometimes important and others aren't. The kind of uniforms I'm debating is school uniforms. Which in other words ways why they are important in ones perspective. And others that think its a bad idea to have different kind of uniforms. here are some links of others think about this issue. some agree ans other disagree.


1. Fox News Las Vegas uniforms debate:
This debate is between Donna Wilburn and Maggie Saunders. Donna thinks the the issue is a good idea but Maggie thinks its a bad idea. in this video a fox news reporter interviews them both to see there points of view. She agrees more with Maggie's idea which claims that uniforms are a good way of decreasing stress in students. Unlike Donna who believes uniforms are a great way for students to express them selves.

2. The true facts behind the issue between school uniform.
This link has a lot of questions to ask yourself such as "are we saying that we are in favor of stifling the creativity and individuality of our children?" (in a parent perspective). It is tectonically saying that is the schools and government right about school uniforms? Or are they making a huge mistake? This link is a good way of explaining the issue but not so well showing others perspective. The facts that this link has does support what its trying to show.

3. This link is a great way to show the issue between the debate of not having uniforms and having uniforms. It shows a bunch of ways to not have uniforms in other words heres an exaple "No matter what you dress students in, they will always find a way to pass judgement upon their peers. If it's not based upon the style of clothes worn there are many other superficial ways to judge people and form cliques." that example was a reason for not having uniforms around. and here a example of having uniforms around "I guess sometimes students from other schools do go to other schools to cause trouble. I guess if they're in a t-shirt and baggy clothes they will stick out like a sore thumb. So from that respect the school will be protected from unruly outsiders" all of this is from a persons perspective.

4. School uniforms are a good idea
This link is about someones perspective of having uniforms for school. It shows some reasons why they think its a good idea. such as "In my opinion, I think that all the students in School should wear uniforms for school." "that with uniforms all the students will look better and orderly because it will look like all the students are clean and intelligent persons who are dedicated for their work in class. And maybe if they look like that, they can feel like that." This is a good example because it shows what she/he thinks about the issue.

5. This is about not have school uniforms around
In this link its getting supported with the facts and the opinion. it shows many example of the issue. and also in this link it shows some peoples perspective and with that said it is answered with the facts and proven wrong. It shows the way the students feel about the issue. Well some not ALL.

6.This one is with many ways other people think about the issue. Some think its a idiotic rule and other say its a great way to
allow children to feel the same in all aspects without them feeling jealous and so they don't have to keep up with the cool friends. Many other ways and reasons that other people think. This shows a lot of debate between it.

7. This is a link that questions the debate on weather uniforms should be tolerated or not. It uses questions on the subject and peoples opinions towards it. The questions are formatted in a very debated way by showing the no and yes sides. Each question has two different peoples point of views for answers,

8. school uniforms. are they bad or not??
This video shows a lot of ways of showing both reasons.

9. School uniforms is a bad idea
this link shows a lot of reasons why its a bad idea. like such as "Just because some parents have to wear school uniforms doesn’t mean that kids should. Some parents have to wear uniforms so they can think that the kids have to. Well that’s not right. They chose to wear uniforms when they got a job ant they know that some have to wear uniforms. So just because they have to doesn’t make use have to. We should have to wear school uniforms when we are older when we get jobs." this is formed as a persons way of thinking. And in this link it shows that.

10.This is all about parents that is worried about the unifroms and this link has some facts in them. It shows a lot involving the issue. It has questions in them so you can think them threw. Also the anwser, well the person who is writings the link point of veiw. such as "A new trend is the mounting pressure to establish dress codes for teachers. Apparently the same casual mind-set toward revealing outfits is cropping up in the ranks of our teachers." This link is an important one because it shows a lot of the persons point of veiw of the subject and a lot of facts to back it up.

11.Why its a bad idea to have school uniforms.
This link is following a lot of reasons and pictures and facts also. But not all facts it has almost all of it with the persons point of veiw of the issue. Which is impotant because it has to show why they feel like that for not having school uniforms around. For an example "If schools had school uniforms the appearance would be a lot better then what kids wear all the time too school to show off just because they have a 50$ shirt that is inappropriate for their age. So if they had school uniforms there would be better appearance to other schools so that other families would put their kids in this school so the school would have more money to" This shows a lot of the persons point of veiw.

Some kinds of uniforms:
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